The Best Laid Plans II (or Slip Sliding Away):
Harms Woods

Our visit to Harms Woods on 2/9/2019 was one of those situations where you think you’ve come up with a great plan and then a wrench is thrown into the works. The wrench in this case was ICE! The grassy area we had to cross to get to the trail – covered with ice! The trail – covered with ice! But, there’s always a silver lining!

As you’ll see in the pictures that follow, the ice shelves surrounding the trees in the river and the way that ice had formed on branches that had been “dipped” into the river was otherworldly! Here, take a look.

Harms Woods Ice Dipped Tree Limb
Harms Woods Ice Shelf

I do have a suggestion for the forest preserve district – If there was some way to get a Zamboni out to the trails, they could smooth out the path and we could skate on it. Probably not feasible but it sure would be fun!

As always, here’s the video. Enjoy!

Even when we can’t hike far, we still get outside every weekend. However, next time if it looks like there may be ice on the trail, we’ll probably be packing crampons!

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