Surprise is the Greatest Gift:
Harms Woods

After almost 36 hours of rain, we headed to Harms Woods on 12/2/18. However, I have to be honest. I was in a lousy mood. I even said aloud, “I don’t even feel like doing this” (going for a walk in the woods). What?! Well…As is always the case, a walk in the woods was just what the doctor ordered!

We’ve been to Harms Woods a few times, but I don’t recall being on the trail we took on 12/2. And lucky us, we got quite a surprise. Not too far into our walk, we spotted something swimming down the river. My first thought was an otter. However, on closer inspection, we could see that it was a muskrat. Here are some pictures of our walk.

Harms Woods Trail
Harms Woods Leaves
Harms Woods Muskrat

The picture of the muskrat really does not do it justice. It actually was somewhat cute.

And, here’s the video of our muskrat adventure.

So, the next time you’re feeling lousy, head to the woods! And, while you don’t need a doctor’s orders to do so, maybe doctors in the U.S. will someday be able to do what doctors in Scotland can – prescribe nature to their patients!

Doctors in Shetland Can Now Prescribe a Walk in Nature

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