Barefoot in the Park:
McGinty Slough

For our visit to the McGinty Slough (pronounced: sloo) in Lemont, Illinois on 12/15/18, it was a beautiful, blue-sky day. Really, we could not have asked for a nicer day in the middle of December!

A few logistics items. We parked in the Sag Valley Equestrian parking lot. If you click through to the map, you’ll see that there’s a trail to the east. Access to the trail is available at the back of the parking lot or, for those who enjoy walking along somewhat busy roads, exit the parking lot onto 131st Street, walk east (go right out of the parking lot) for approximately 500 feet and then cross the road to access the loop trail that goes around McGinty Slough.

There were many lovely sights along the way. First, we passed a smaller slough (sorry, I don’t know if it has a name) that was filled with cattails. As per usual, I captured some close-up shots along the way. Here are some beautiful red berries and a leaf trapped in a frozen puddle.

McGinty Slough Cattails
McGinty Slough Red Berries
McGinty Slough Frozen Leaf

The looping trail begins when you reach the “power towers’ (sorry, no pictures but you’ll know you’re there when you see them!). We stayed to the right and following are some pictures from different places along the trail.

McGinty Slough Trail 1
McGinty Slough Trail 3
McGinty Slough Trail 4

McGinty Slough is quite lovely. While we didn’t see any birds or other critters, we did have fun “testing” the frozen surface.

McGinty Slough 1
McGinty Slough 2

Continuing around the slough, we ran into a wee bit of adventure as you’ll see in the following video.

As you might expect, where there’s one slough, there are many; and this part of Cook County has many! We think you’ll enjoy visiting the McGinty Slough and following are some ideas for more sloughs to visit: Country Lane Woods

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