A Friend is What the Heart Needs All the Time (and the Light was Amazing!):
Deer Grove East

No rain, not too cold, and the light being amazing was what we experienced on our visit to Deer Grove East in Palatine, Illinois. Oh yeah, I also got to be in a beautiful place with my best friend! Winning all around!

The last time we visited Deer Grove, we hiked around the western part of the forest preserve. In total, the Deer Grove Forest Preserve is a pretty big place – 1,800 acres! The western part is more wooded, and the eastern part is more open with prairies and wetlands.

You know what, I really don’t have a lot to say this week (other than it’s been busy!). So, let’s get to the pictures and the amazing light!

To start things off with a bang, here’s probably (in my opinion) one of the best pictures that I’ve ever taken.

Deer Grove East Fabulous Light on Pond and Trees

A nice-looking bike path runs through the preserve and we saw white-tailed deer.

Deer Grove East Deer

Much of the wetlands were frozen, and the prairie areas were starkly beautiful

And, of course, there were many opportunities for close-up shots.

Deer Grove East Milkweed
Deer Grove East Branch Closeup

And, here’s the video of our prairie and wetland exploration.

We’re looking forward to returning to Deer Grove East when it’s warmer since I especially want to see what the tall and skinny leafless tree looks like. I believe it (you?) will have some leaves! Until then…

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