Take Me (Back) to the River:
Ryerson Woods

We’ve meant to return to the Ryerson Woods ever since our first visit in December of 2017. Here’s the blog post from that visit: Up a Lazy River.

Well, we finally made it back, and it was a lovely day! The fall colors were out in full force, the sun was shining, and I was able to share the experience with my Trail Tracing partner.

Here’s the very first visual gift we saw when starting out on the trail.

Ryerson Woods Fall Panorama

Pretty nice, right?

How about we don’t mess around with a lot of “talk” about Ryerson and simply look at some more pictures?

Ryerson Cabin
Ryerson Blazing Tree
Ryerson Trees In the Water Reflection
Ryerson Fuzzy Buds Closeup

You want to go and visit? Right? It’s not one of our favorite places for nothing – haha!

There were a few changes since our last visit. For instance, there used to be a big pile of rocks the Des Plaines River’s edge near the Ryerson cabin. The pile of rocks was gone. Also, whatever used to make the river have a very small “falls” (a line of submerged rocks, I assume?) at the bend, was also gone. Now, the river simply glides around the bend. There were also some new benches scattered about honoring people who I assume loved Ryerson as much as we do.

Okay, I can’t wait any longer. Here’s the video of our visit this time. Maybe over the past couple of weeks, you’ve noticed a difference in the videos? Well, I have a new camera and I’ve been using new video editing software. And, this week, I shot the video in 4K (for the first time; don’t ask me why I waited for so long!). Drum roll, please…Enjoy!

While we promised to return sooner last time, I’m guessing that we’ll be back very soon; before the winter is over. We can’t wait to see what Ryerson Woods looks like covered in snow!

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~Trail Tracing

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