What's a Guy to Do?
(Go Trail Tracing, of course!):
Robinson Woods South

Today’s Trail Tracing experience is brought to you by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County’s Robinson Woods South. We’ve actually been here a couple of times. Here’s a refresher – Robinson Woods South Blog & Video.

Today was somewhat different, however, because it was without my Trail Tracing partner. After dropping her and my one and only daughter off at the airport, what was I to do? The Fashion Outlets of Chicago wasn’t open yet, so I headed to the Robinson Woods South (mostly because it was close to O’Hare Airport).

While I ended up having a lovely wander about, to be totally honest, it’s just not as much fun without my Trail Tracing partner. I will admit, however, that I can take a lot more time taking pictures and setting up video shots – haha. But – Trail Tracing just isn’t as good without my Trail Tracing partner!

The fall colors were very nice. Here take a look.

Robinson Woods Trail
Robinson Woods Yellow Tree

And, I got what I think are a couple of quite lovely close-up photos. I’m especially pleased with the “exploding” milkweed.

Robinson Woods Exploding Milkweed

And, as always, here’s the video proof of my visit to Robinson Woods South.

Lastly, as you may recall, on past visits, I’ve commented about the noise from planes flying overhead. Well, for some reason, the Robinson Woods South was relatively quiet today. Who’s to say why? The quiet was nice but also kind of creepy!

In any event, if you like a good “water feature” (the Des Plaines River), and long stretches for walking (without having to cross streets), please plan a visit to the Robinson Woods South.

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