Water, Water, Everywhere:
Half Day Forest Preserve

The weather was looking somewhat ominous, but we made our way to the Half Day Forest Preserve in Vernon Hills, Illinois. Boy, am I glad that we did. While there was a little bit of light rain, the sights and experience at Half Day were spectacular!

Here, let’s mix things up a bit by showing you this week’s video first.

The Des Plaines River was, to put it mildly, running fast and high!

From the Half Day parking lot, we look the Des Plaines River trail heading south. We then took the bridge across the river and entered the Captain Daniel Wright Woods, which we had actually visited before – Sometimes Waze Doesn’t Know the Way.

Half Day Path
Half Day Bridge

After crossing the bridge, we turned left to stay on the Des Plaines River Trail. Along the way, we saw lots of places where the water was very close to the trail, and many signs that fall is in full swing.

Half Day Lichen

One of the stranger but interesting things that we saw this week was some fungus on a fallen tree. Yes, I look for fungus and mushrooms when hiking. To me, the fungus on the left kind of looks like Elvis (albeit the nose is a little pointy!).

Elvis Fungus 1
Half Day Elvis Fungus Closeup

After crossing another bridge (the view in the video with the log floating down the river is from the middle of the bridge), we turned around and headed back north to the parking lot.

I’m so glad that we made the decision to take a chance on the weather. Rain or not, there really is “magic” in the woods!

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