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Thatcher Woods

Earlier in the week, I saw a tweet from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County regarding a monarch butterfly migration event at the Thatcher Woods. I don’t know about all of you, but we’ve seen a huge uptick in monarch butterfly sightings this year. As you might remember, we saw lots of them during our visit to Illinois Beach State Park. How about you? Let us know about your monarch butterfly sightings this year.

The thing about the event at Thatcher Woods was that it was being moved across the road to the Thatcher Pavilion. You see, we had lots (lots!) of rain over the past week and parts of the Thatcher Woods were underwater. That was all I needed to know; off to the Thatcher Woods we go!

Very simply, due to where it is located, part of the Thatcher Woods are classified as floodplain woodland. Since the woods are situated near the Des Plaines River, there is occasionally some flooding. Well, thanks(?) to the previously noted rain, the Des Plaines River seriously overflowed its banks, and we got a firsthand look at what a floodplain woodland looks like. Here, see for yourself.

Thatcher Woods Floodplain
Thatcher Woods Flooded Picnic Grove

However, even with all of the rain and subsequent flooding, the hiking trail that starts near the main parking lot was relatively dry. While there were a few muddy places and one place where the trail was underwater, we’re “pros” now (we own the “right” boots), so a little mud and water don’t scare us! The bottom line – the nature experience was lovely! Here are a few more pictures.

And, the video “proof”.

As fall approaches, I’m starting to imagine what places will look like in their fall splendor. I’m guessing that Thatcher Woods will be quite lovely, so onto the “fall” return list it goes! (I’m also thinking that it will look great covered in snow – not that I’m wishing for snow!)

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