The Regal Turtle:
Jerome Huppert Woods

For this week’s Trail Tracing, the decision for where to go was actually quite simple – head back to the Thatcher Woods area but start a little further north in the next woods; the Jerome Huppert Woods. FYI – I hunted for information regarding who Jerome Huppert was and why he was honored with a woods being named after him; however, I wasn’t able to find anything. If anyone has any information that they can share, please do so in a comment. Thanks.

So, we headed to the Jerome Huppert Woods, but…Waze thought it would be a good idea(!) for us to park in the Sunset Bridge Meadow parking lot. While it’s sometimes challenging for a control-freak like me to accept where Waze wants me to go, I’ll admit that this was an excellent destination. Parking in the Sunset Bridge Meadow parking lot actually made for a little longer hike, and the bridge (and view of the Des Plaines River from the bridge) is quite lovely! Here, take a look.

Sunset Bridge

If you like walking alongside water, this is the trail for you. While there are many woods that the Des Plaines River runs through, the Huppert Woods stays relatively close to the river with quite a few spots where you can dip your toes (should you desire). We followed the trail north, making a left to go through the tunnel that goes under 1st Avenue, and ended this week’s “out” portion of our Trail Tracing near Fullerton Avenue. Here are a few more pictures.

Huppert Woods 2
Huppert Woods 1

So, perhaps you’re wondering about the “click bait” title for this blog – The Regal Turtle? Well, while crossing the Sunset Bridge at the start of our Trail Tracing, we could see what looked like a large turtle shell on a log; but we weren’t quite sure since we didn’t see a head or legs, and it wasn’t moving. However, on our return to where we parked the car, the shell had moved – was moving! I don’t know about anybody else, but this was the most regal turtle that I’ve ever seen!

Huppert Woods Turtle

As always, here’s a video of our hike.

Can I be honest for a minute? Even if you thought “no”, I’m going to be – haha. My Trail Tracing partner and I have been going on hikes, without missing a weekend, for over a year (here, take a look at all of the video thumbnails for where we’ve gone so far: 52 Weeks = 52+ Hikes). At this point, I can’t imagine our not going on a hike every weekend. While there were a couple of times over the past year when we weren’t together on the weekend and took solo hikes, the best part, at least for me, is our being together for an extended amount of time in such lovely and, usually, peaceful places. As stated in the quote at the beginning of the video: “Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling.” I assume that everyone will agree and I just wanted to express my thanks and love to my Trail Tracing partner for the life, including hikes, we have together!

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~Trail Tracing

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