Pine-ing Away:
Scuppernong Trail

While this may be cutting to the chase a bit – the Scuppernong Trail is one of the loveliest hikes that we’ve been on to date. Really!

The beginning of September is a special time for us as it’s our wedding anniversary. This year makes it 28 years. Thank you (for anyone sending us a mental congratulations!).

With the holiday weekend providing a few more days of potential fun, we headed north into Wisconsin for a visit to the Scuppernong Trail (part of the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit). As you may recall, we visited the Parnell Tower and Trail (in the Kettle Moraine Northern Unit) in November 2017.

FYI – The Scuppernong Trail is really three trails – Red, Orange, and Green. We took the Orange trail which runs a little over four miles.

Let me tell you – this is a gorgeous place! The trail begins with a walk between some very stately pines, and every bend seemed to bring another “wow” moment. If you like terrain, you’ll love the Scuppernong Trail. Lots of rolling hills!

Just in case anyone likes to cross-country ski – There were signs dotting the trail noting that due to a number of reasons, the WI-DNR would no longer be grooming the Scuppernong Trail (but that there would continue to be other places where grooming would continue). To be honest, even if the trail was groomed, I think that this would be a challenging place to cross-country ski!

As always, here are some pictures.

Scuppernong Trail Pines

And, a video.

For anyone in the Chicago area, please make the trip to hike these trails. It’s only two hours away and, if you’re looking to make a weekend of it, stay overnight near or in Milwaukee (like we did) and also enjoy what Milwaukee has to offer.

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