On the Borderline:
Potawatomi Woods

For this week’s Trail Tracing, we headed north to another woods that encompasses the Des Plaines River – the Potawatomi Woods in Northbrook, Illinois. But first, for anyone who lives in the Chicago area, wasn’t the weekend of 9/21/2018 and 9/22/2018 just spectacular? If the weather could be like that all of the time…I’d probably get bored and move!

So, we headed to the Potawatomi Woods. And, this week, Waze took us to the exact place where I thought we would be going; the parking lot for the woods off of Dundee Road.

We took the trail north and very soon came upon the following sight.

Potawatomi Woods - Great Egret and Mallard

Pretty cool, right? Maybe the best bird picture I’ve ever been able to take.

Continuing north on the trail, here are some other sights.

Potawatomi Woods 3

Before turning around (this was an “out and back” Trail Tracing experience), we crossed over Lake-Cook Road and, ta-da, were in Lake County. More specifically, we had a brief visit to the Cahokia Flatwoods Forest Preserve. What are “flatwoods”? Here you go: Flatwoods in Illinois. Assuming we don’t receive any better offers, we’ll be heading back to the Cahokia Flatwoods Forest Preserve next week!

Lastly, as usual, here’s the video of our Potawatomi Woods experience. Go and see for yourself! It’s lovely!

find a trail ~ find your path

~Trail Tracing

P.S. – For anyone who can help…I submitted a recent “art picture” to the Threadless Autumn design contest. I would be most appreciative if you could take a minute to vote for my submission: Trail Tracing “Fall Is Coming” Design Link (voting ends on October 5th). Thanks!

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