When the Camera Gives You Lemons:
Robinson Woods South

It’s Sunday, August 12, 2018, and we’re headed to the Robinson Woods. As Waze decided, we went to the Robinson Woods South. As you may recall, we visited the Robinson Woods a few months ago – when there was snow on the ground! Following is the video from that Trail Tracing experience as a refresher (or, if you maybe just need some snow in your life right now!).

Well, August 12th was not a snowy day; but it wasn’t too hot. Actually, the trees along the Des Plaines River actually created a very lovely and cooling canopy. Here are some pictures.

Robinson Woods South 1
Robinson Woods South 3

And, what better than pictures of a deer, some fungus, and a close-up of some milkweed.

Robinson Woods South 4

Lastly, and here’s where the “lemons” come in…Up until this past weekend, I thought I had my pre-Trail Tracing routine down pat. Well – When loading the video camera into the gimbal, something happened, and the result was pictures rather than video. So, please enjoy the following video montage – my best attempt to make lemonade out of lemons – of the Robinson Woods South.

One disclosure about the Robinson Woods South – The northern part of the trail lies directly under the flight path for O’Hare International Airport. However, as we walked south, the sounds of the planes taking off became less intrusive.

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