River of Tranquility:
Slocum's River Reserve

It’s the wedding weekend for one of our favorite nephews and, thanks to where we were staying, we were fortunate to discover that Slocum’s River Reserve in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, was right down the road. Do you enjoy gently flowing rivers? Do you like wooded splendor? Do you long for verdant fields and meadows filled with flowers? Well – Slocum’s River Reserve is the place for you (and us!).

The best part – at least for me – the tranquility. We live in a big city. And, for anyone else who may live in a big city, I’m guessing that you’ll attest to the fact that it’s never 100% quiet. Thus, it was an amazing experience to hear nothing but nature at Slocum’s River Reserve. Now, don’t get me wrong, nature can be quite cacophonous (as you may recall, the red-winged black birds were making a racket during our visit to the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary on 7/22/18); but none of that on our visit to Slocum’s River Reserve! Nothing but the gentle sounds of nature; the breeze softly rustling the leaves and grasses, beautiful bird songs that we’d never hear before and, yes, the river lapping lightly on its bank.

Here, take a look.

Slocum River Reserve 1

And here’s a video.

Oh, by the way, the wedding was lovely. Here’s a picture of the backdrop for the ceremony (pretty nice, huh?!) and the sunset that followed.

All together now on an exhale – Ahhhhhhhhhh!

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