Oh How Time Flies:
Somme Woods

August 26, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of the beginning of our Trail Training adventures and what better spot to visit than the Somme Woods. For those who have been following along with us, we began our Trail Tracing at the Seven Tubs Nature Area in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. And here we are 52 weeks later!

For anyone unfamiliar with the Somme Woods, it is part of a larger preserve area comprised of the Somme Woods, Somme Prairie Grove, and Somme Prairie Nature Preserve. We’ll definitely be returning to the prairie grove and nature preserve areas.

We arrived somewhat early to the Somme Woods as the temperature on 8/26 was going to be a scorcher! When we arrived around 9:30 am, it was already 85+ degrees! But, considering that we’ve been at this for 52 weeks in a row, a little heat wasn’t going to stop us from hiking. Plus, being in the woods is usually a guarantee for cooler temps.

To locate the start of the loop trail, enter the Somme Woods parking lot off of Dundee Road and then follow the parking lot road all the way to where it ends. A sign marks where the trail begins.

What a lovely woods and trail! Here are a couple of pictures.

Somme Woods 1

The trail was pretty much all “single track” and in most of the places where it might have been muddy, 3-5 inch circumference tree branches had been cut and placed in such a way to create a raised, mud-free trail. And, as shown in the picture above, there was one place where tree stumps had been buried to create “stepping stones”. Very nice!

And, here are some flowers and a special treat – a huge spider!

Somme Woods Black-Eyed Susans
Somme Woods Flowers
Somme Woods Thistle and Bee

The spider web that the spider was on was along the side of the trail. As you can see, the spider was big; and, the web was huge – spanning probably 5-6 feet between two trees.

As always, here’s the video for this week’s Trail Tracing adventure.

We’re already looking forward to returning to the Somme Woods in other seasons. Fall should make for gorgeous colors, and I can almost picture the woods covered with snow. Can’t wait!

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