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Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary

For anyone who lives in Chicago, or even for anyone who comes to visit Chicago, there aren’t too many places that I can recommend more than the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. If you like birds – you’ll be covered. If you like paths that meander – you’ll be covered. If you like meadows and also a bit of prairie that overlooks Lake Michigan – you’ll be covered. It’s an awesome and magical place. Here, take a look.

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 1 7-22-18
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 2 7-22-18
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 3 7-22-18
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 4 7-22-18

We had visited the bird sanctuary in early June, but it was a rainy day and I wasn’t able to shoot any video. While I hate to admit it, the June visit was actually my first time at the bird sanctuary. I know, I’ve lived in Chicago for 30 years and I’d never visited. What can I say – I’ve been busy!

In any event, I really only bring up the June visit because I haven’t blogged about it yet and I want to share a few more pictures.

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 1 6-2018
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 2 6-2018
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 3 7-22-2018
Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 4 7-22-2018

Back to July 22nd – It had rained overnight and also rained off and on Sunday morning. A little bit of sun finally decided to come out so we headed to Montrose Point. We entered at the tree covered path closest to Lake Michigan (not the central entrance). After a short walk, we then snuck out of the trees to a prairie area next to Lake Michigan. There were so many birds flying overhead, and the male red-winged blackbirds, with their distinctive call, were definitely making their presence known.

We continued along the path between the prairie area and the sanctuary and could have continued on to the Montrose Beach Pier. (Remember the blog and video of our freezing cold visit in February 2018?!) We kept to the outer sanctuary path which then re-entered the main sanctuary area and became tree covered again.

As we were heading out of the sanctuary towards our car, we got to experience some added excitement; a male red-winged blackbird felt like it needed to defend its nest – he swooped down and grabbed at my Trail Tracing partner’s hair! I was walking behind her at the time and saw the whole thing – and there wasn’t a thing that I could do. She was all right but was startled by the bird’s behavior. After a little research, I found out that it’s quite common; but it was still surprising!

As always, here’s a video of our Trail Tracing experience. Enjoy! (And then go and visit the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary!)

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