Sunrise? Not So Much. (But Who Cares!): Foster Beach Sunrise

You know how you have a great idea, but what ends up happening is nothing like the great idea? Well, that’s what happened on Friday, February 16, 2018. I had a great idea to get up early, head down to Foster Beach, and to film the sunrise. I’ll admit, it was a nice visit to the beach; however, there wasn’t much of a sunrise! Ah well.

I did get to meet a very nice multi-generational family who were also making a very early morning beach visit. Based on our short interaction, they were somewhat confused as to why someone would come to the beach so early to film a non-existent sunrise. They had a point!

However, as I’ve come to learn (and look forward to) – It’s really more about the simple act of getting and being outdoors. The video and photographs are simply a fringe-benefit, a by-product of being outdoors (but I do enjoy making videos and trying to take interesting and “pretty” pictures!).

Take a look.

Foster Beach Sunrise 1
Foster Beach Sunrise 2

Here’s the video of this outdoor adventure.

find a trail ~ find your path

~Trail Tracing

P.S. – Starting on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, I made the switch to posting one video on Wednesday of each week, and one blog post on Friday of each week. Why? To bring things closer to “real time”; closer to the actual time when the Trail Tracings occur. I’ll be making other blog posts, as I can, for our Trail Tracings that occurred between mid-February and mid-June in order to be caught up by our one year Trail Tracing anniversary in August 2018.

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