Practically in My Backyard:
West Ridge Natural Area

It’s the middle of July and the weekends are busy. However, nothing will keep us from getting outdoors for our weekly nature break!

This week, we kept it close to home – practically in our backyard – at the West Ridge Natural Area in Chicago, Illinois. Seriously, it’s really close to our house. And, it’s a lovely place!

We first visited the West Ridge Natural Area shortly after it opened in 2015. At that time, while I hate to admit it, I couldn’t imagine how it would look in the future. Yes, there was a nice pond, some boardwalks, and some paths. However, now – now! – it’s quite amazing! There’s still the lovely pond and boardwalks, but now the paths meander around the pond, and also through fully embedded prairie plantings and even a wooded area. Here, take a look. Keep in mind – this nature area is in the city, and it’s only about 20 acres in size. The planning and design of the area are really great (in my opinion!).

Yes, I like pictures of trees reflecting upon the water!

I also like pictures of birds, bugs, wooded groves, and flowers.

West Ridge 6

And, as you’ll see in the following video, I’m working on incorporating some close-ups. I could have watched the bees for hours – haha!

find a trail ~ find your path

~Trail Tracing

P.S. – Starting on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, I made the switch to posting one video on Wednesday of each week, and one blog post on Friday of each week. Why? To bring things closer to “real time”; closer to the actual time when the Trail Tracings occur. I’ll be making other blog posts, as I can, for our Trail Tracings that occurred between mid-February and mid-June in order to be caught up by our one year Trail Tracing anniversary in August 2018.

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