Walking in a Winter Wonderland:
LaBagh Woods

Being the closest woods to where we live certainly affords the LaBagh Woods the chance to “see” us more often. Okay – I’ll accept that woods probably can’t see us, but maybe the woods feel our presence? I was reading an article not too long ago regarding how trees “talk” with each other. Check it out: Exploring How and Why Trees Talk to Each Other. So if trees can “talk”, does this perhaps mean that they can also feel?

Our January 15, 2018 visit to the LaBagh Woods was snowy and cold, but an absolutely gorgeous day for trail tracing! LaBagh Woods surrounds the North Branch of the Chicago River, and the Weber Spur Trail (an abandoned stretch of train tracks that we hope will be further developed) cuts through the woods. Following is a picture in the woods, a long shot of the Weber Spur Trail, a close-up of some of the graffiti that adorns the bridge over the Chicago River, and a shot of the bridge from further away. Maybe you’ll disagree, but I like the graffiti on the bridge as I think it helps to give the LaBagh Woods part of its distinctive character.

LaBagh Woods 1
LaBagh Woods Bridge Over Chicago River

As I alluded to in the blog title, it was a winter wonderland type of day. Join us via the following video and see for yourself.

So, if you’re ever in our neck of the woods (I couldn’t resist), we hope you’ll visit the LaBagh Woods. We were back at the woods a couple of weeks ago and thanks to the month of May 2018 being one the rainiest on record for the Chicago area, the LaBagh Woods is now an explosion of green!

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