Just "Slough" [Sloo] It:
Country Lane Woods

First, just in case you’re wondering what a slough is, the following should help: What is a Slough?

Now – As you may recall, it was a lovely, snowy day on January 15, 2018. Well, by the time January 27, 2018 rolled around, the snow was gone and it was a beautiful, blue-sky day during our visit to Country Lane Woods; albeit, a bit muddy in places. Here, take a look.

Country Lane Woods 1

However, there was still ice on the sloughs. Following are pictures of the Cranberry Slough and Boomerang Slough.

I was particularly struck by the beauty of the sloughs during our visit and following are some of the “art-ified” pictures that I created after our visit.

We parked in the picnic area parking lot and then headed south on the well-marked trail. Note – many of the trails in this area are multi-use. While we didn’t see any bikers, we did come upon and pass quite a few people riding their horses.

One of the benefits of starting our hike in the Country Lane Woods was that it afforded us the opportunity to travel in a loop through two other woods and preserves in the Palos moraine area – The Cranberry Nature Preserve and Spears Woods (we’ll return for an “official” visit to Spears Woods when the March 25, 2018 blog rolls around. Stay tuned!). Here’s a link to a map so you can scroll around and see all of the surrounding woods and trails – Country Lane Woods Map.

Lastly, following is a short video of our visit to Country Lane Woods and the other woods and preserves surrounding it.

Leave it to say, we think you’ll enjoy a visit to Country Lane Woods!

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