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Weber Spur Trail & LaBagh Woods

The beginning of February 2018 finds us back at LaBagh Woods but, more specifically, the Weber Spur Trail. The snow was pretty much gone but the North Branch of the Chicago River was still frozen in places.

Full disclosure – I almost wrecked this trail tracing experience. Here’s the deal – When it comes to angled roads and trails, experience has shown that I can get turned around in a flash. For example, let the evidence show…When my trail tracing partner and I were first dating, we were driving (I was the driver) on Lincoln Avenue (in Chicago) which runs at a south-east to north-west angle. We wanted to head south-east; but with me driving, we ended up heading north-west. Wherever we were headed, I’m guessing we were late.

Well, something similar happened during our Weber Spur visit. I was sure – 1,000% sure! – if we headed in the direction that I wanted to go, that we would end up north of where we started. Wrong! The direction that I wanted to head, as it turned out, would take us south-east. As my trail tracing partner can attest, I was quite stubborn in my belief that we would end up north. So much so, that I almost wrecked our hike. In the immortal words of Brigette Bardot – “Only idiots refuse to change their minds”. Fortunately, I changed my mind. Even more fortunate, my trail tracing partner is my Bodhisattva.  Saying that she is patient with me, isn’t anywhere near enough credit!

As it turned out, we didn’t travel very far on the Weber Spur Trail and ended up spending more time in the LaBagh Woods. There has been “talk” (and many meetings) for quite a while about improving the Weber Spur Trail, but it hasn’t happened yet. Following is some information about where things stand as of February 2018: Weber Spur Trail Info.

As always, following are a few pictures from our “saved” trail tracing adventure and, as per usual, a video.

Weber Spur Trail
North Branch Chicago River 1

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~Trail Tracing

P.S. – Starting on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, I’ll be making the switch to posting one video on Wednesday of each week, and one blog post on Friday of each week. Why? To bring things closer to “real time”; closer to the actual time when the Trail Tracings occur. I’ll be making other blog posts, as I can, for our Trail Tracings that occurred between mid-February and mid-June in order to be caught up by our one year Trail Tracing anniversary in August 2018.

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