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Deer Grove Forest Preserve

Our Trail Tracing on December 16, 2017 – out 18th consecutive weekly outdoor adventure since August 2017 – found us in Palatine, Illinois (northwestern Cook County) at Deer Grove Forest Preserve.

Deer Grove holds the distinction of being the first preserve acquired by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County – in 1916! It has a large system of trails spread over 1,800 acres and is a lovely place. Trails include a 4-mile paved surface that can be used by runners, cyclists and cross-country skiers, and 10 miles of unpaved trails that can be used by hikers, mountain bikers, and for horseback riding. The western portion of Deer Grove is heavily wooded, and the eastern portion is more open (wetlands and prairies). We explored the western portion during our visit.

For more information about Deer Grove Forest Preserve, please visit the following FPDCC webpage:

Deer Grove Forest Preserve

And, here are a couple of pictures.

Deer Grove Trail
Deer Grove Stream

Deer Grove has hills – not hugely steep hills, but there are hills (which you know I love!). My favorite area of Deer Grove is the ravine area – no bikes or horses allowed (no, I don’t like the ravine area because of no bikes or horses – I like it because it’s a beautiful place!). Part of the ravine trail included a really cool tree branch weaving made into an arch over the trail. Here, check it out in the following video.

Even with a little snow on the ground, we had a lovely, sun-lit day for our Trail Tracing adventure. As you might expect, we highly recommend a visit to Deer Grove Forest Preserve. So go – go this coming weekend. We promise, you won’t regret it!

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