We Got the "Blues":
McClaughry Springs Woods

Happy New Year (albeit a few months after the fact)!

January 6, 2018 found us back out in the Palos Hills area at the McClaughry Springs Woods. Something to make a note of – During warmer months, McClaughry Springs Woods is supposedly a fantastic place for birding.

Yes, this week’s blog title was 100% “clickbait”. We got the blues all right but it was all about color – not mood! It was a beautiful, sunlit day (but dang if it wasn’t cold!) and the light was simply amazing! Here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

McClaughry Springs Woods 1
McClaughry Springs Woods 2
McClaughry Springs Woods 3

And for those who like their pictures moving, following is a video for your nature-break enjoyment!

How much do we like McClaughry Springs Woods? Well, as of this writing, we’ve been back two more times. So, I’d say it definitely ranks on our current Top 10 list. We were actually in a part of it this past weekend (5/26/18) and it’s an oasis of green! Check it out yourself and I can pretty much promise that you’ll love it!

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