The Best Laid Plans:
Nippersink Forest Preserve

You know how you sometimes make a great plan (or what seems like a great plan!), and you end up having to scramble? Well, that’s what happened on December 23, 2017. Our plan was to visit the Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve in Grayslake, Illinois. Here’s a link so you can check it out: Rollins Savanna

Looks nice, huh? Who can say no to 5.5 miles of trails with bridges and boardwalks?

Well…Being close to the end of December, and while we expected it to be somewhat on the chilly side, we did not expect it to be quite so windy; nor that the terrain at the Rollins Savanna is pretty much flat. Okay, not just pretty much, but seriously flat! Did I mention that it was windy? Thus, after less than a quarter mile of our trail tracing adventure at the Rollins Savanna, we threw in the towel and bolted back to the car so we could make a new plan. Fortunately for us, Lake County has lots of woods and forest preserves, and the closest was the Nippersink Forest Preserve.

Nippersink was the perfect substitute! It has a very nice outer trail that loops around two man-made lakes and, if you’re looking for a longer outing, a trail spur branches off the main trail to the north that takes you to Nippersink Road. Since it was such a windy (and cold!) day, we stuck to the main loop trail. When the weather is more hospitable, I would imagine that Nippersink is quite the hub of activity – hiking, biking, fishing (catch and release only), and lots of picnickers.

Here are a couple of pictures from our Nippersink outing.

Nippersink Boardwalk

I don’t know about you, but I love boardwalks!

And, here’s a video so you can get a better look at Nippersink.

So, just in case you run into the same problem that we did, or if you’re simply looking for a shorter hike in a lovely, smaller forest preserve, Nippersink may be just the place for you to visit.

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