Baby, It's Cold Outside:
Harms Woods

Just in case the title of this blog post wasn’t a big enough clue, December 31, 2017, was a beastly cold day! So, what better thing to do than hit the trails at Harms Woods in Glenview, Illinois! Seriously though, it was a lovely day for a hike in the snow.

I have to be honest, before the whole Trail Tracing thing began, I had visited Harms Woods when the weather was, shall we say, more temperate; however, there truly is something special about the woods when they’re covered in snow. Here, take a look.

Harms Woods 1

C’mon – it’s really pretty – right?

As I may have mentioned in past blogs, the North Branch Trail is a fabulous trail; it runs from Chicago to the Skokie Lagoons and then a bit further north to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. As it turns out, my trail tracing partner and I are particularly fond of the non-paved trails that run along the North Branch of the Chicago River. Well, Harms Woods is a doubly great place for exactly that as there are unpaved trails that run on both the east and west sides of the river. Plus, there’s a bridge that connects the east and west side trails that is a perfect spot for taking pictures and shooting video. Here, take a look.

Now I know, not everyone is a fan of the cold. I only actually realized this past winter that it’s not the cold that I mind, it’s shoveling the snow! So perhaps, you’ll visit Harms Woods when the weather is warmer. Here’s a fall 2016 picture of a view from the bridge that will hopefully pique your interest.

Harms Woods Fall 2016

However, I really hope that you’ll be open to the idea of tracing your own trails during all seasons. Because “…there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” ~John Ruskin

find a trail ~ find your path

~Trail Tracing

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