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Red Gate Woods

It’s late November, the weather is amazing – it was almost 50 degrees on 11/26 – so we made the trek to one of our favorite areas, the Palos Preserves, to visit the Red Gate Woods.

All right class, do I have your attention? It’s time for a little history lesson. However, rather than my cribbing from a bunch of different sources and possibly being accused of plagiarism (which, being a teacher, I highly frown upon!), please take a few minutes to read the following history of the Red Gates Woods on the Forest Preserve District of Cook County website:

Red Gate Woods – Site A

So, what do you think? Would you go hiking at the Red Gate Woods?

I have to note that I received some interesting comments to my Facebook post about our Red Gate Woods trail tracing; mostly along the lines of “I’ll skip that place”. I had to chuckle!

To anyone with concerns, please know that I haven’t started glowing, the area was closed for many years and remediated, and it’s now a beautiful place. It’s one of the most popular hiking and biking areas (when you include the rest of the Palos Preserves) in Cook County.

Here’s a short video of our visit.

Also, here are a couple of pictures.

Site A Marker - Red Gate Woods
Red Gate Woods

So, if you live in the Chicago area (or even further away!), I urge you to make the trek to the Palos Preserves and, in particular, the Red Gate Woods.

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P.S. – A shameless plug: The thumbnail for the YouTube video is available in t-shirt form. It’s our best-seller – seriously!

Red Gate Woods T-Shirt 

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