Sometimes Waze Doesn't Know the Way:
Captain Daniel Wright Woods

Very simply, we started our trail tracing adventure on November 17, 2017, not so much lost, but at the wrong place. For whatever reason, my map app decided that we needed to see the Adlai E. Stevenson Historic Home. It looked quite lovely but wasn’t open for viewing. As it turned out, our intended destination, the Captain Daniel Wright Woods, was just down the road. (Just as a side note, but doesn’t the Lake County Forest Preserves have a nice website?!)

Being mid-November, the day was somewhat chilly, and the skies looked like they might open up to rain at any minute. However, as you know by this point in getting to know us, rain doesn’t scare us.

Since we like loops, we took the blue trail to the yellow trail, yellow trail to the red trail, and red trail back to the blue trail to where we had parked. Here’s a link to the trail map for the Captain Daniel Wright Woods.

To start, the blue trail meanders a little bit through a lightly wooded area and, since it was a Friday, we pretty much had the trail to ourselves.

Wright Woods 1
Wright Woods Trees

The yellow trail is where the “magic” (at least for me!) starts as the yellow trail follows the path of the Des Plaines River.

Des Plaines River Trail 1

As we discovered, once we reached the bridge at the intersection of the yellow and red trails, if you cross the bridge, you’ll be in the Half Day Forest Preserve. Or, if you continue on the yellow trail, you can stay on the Des Plaines River Trail. As you may recall from earlier posts, the Des Plaines River Trail runs through almost the entirety of Lake County for more than 30 miles as it makes its way through 12 forest preserves.

And, since I had my video camera with me, here’s a short video for your watching (nature meditation) pleasure. Enjoy!

find a trail ~ find your path

~Trail Tracing

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