If You Like Mud, Have I Got a Deal for You: Linne Woods

Somehow I got a day off from my regular job and on Friday, October 29, 2017, we paid a visit to the Linne Woods in Morton Grove, Illinois. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for all of the woods and forest preserves that are situated along or surround either the North Branch of the Chicago River or the Des Plaines River. The Linne Woods surrounds the North Branch and, other than the mud (lots of mud), it was a wonderful adventure.

We began our hike by crossing a lovely little bridge that took us to the west side of the river. Here, check out the video.

At one time, the woods and the prairie area next to the woods was used as a dump site. Next, the prairie area was used as a construction site during the building of a deep tunnel project. Now, with much thanks to the Friends of Morton Grove Forest Preserves, it’s a wonderful addition to all of the forest preserves of Cook County that surround the North Branch of the Chicago River!

And, the day we visited, the light was amazing! The reflection of the trees on the river (best seen in the video), the sunlight making its way through the trees above us onto the path, and the light at the “end of the tunnel” that lead to the final shot along the banks of the river – wow!

North Branch - Linne Woods
Linne Woods 2

I don’t know about you, but I feel more relaxed just watching the video and seeing the pictures again.

So, plan your visit to Linne Woods but, if it’s rained, make sure to wear your muck-around boots and pants that you don’t mind getting some mud on – haha.

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