Taking the First Step...

So what do you think? Is the first step always the hardest?

I’m sitting here, it’s 11:10 pm, and I’ve been doing some work as well as futzing with the website (don’t get me started with SSL and SEO settings!). I need to add some content. So, here it is – the first step.

Today’s trail tracing wasn’t too far from where I live. I went down to Lake Michigan to walk along Montrose Beach and to see if I could walk out on the Montrose Pier. While it didn’t feel too cold near my house, it was very chilly at the lake due to the wind chill. Add to that the drifting snow (over the past two days we were gifted with close to a foot of snow), and it was quite the workout. It was great, though, to be outside!

The first sight was of a parafoil. As it turned out, there were three people flying parafoils and zipping around on the beach on snowboards.

The best part, however, was making it out to the pier. I’ve been on the Montrose pier during warmer months, but never this cold and icy. Check it out.

Icy Posts on Montrose Beach
Icy Rail at Montrose Pier
Montrose Pier

An added bonus was running into a serious “birder” who was using a large lens to take photographs of the birds staying for the winter. But, as he noted, there were no snowy owl sightings since there was too much floating ice to play on.

If I had stayed home today, I wouldn’t have seen or experienced any of this. And wouldn’t have gotten the great shot of, I’ll admit that I’m pretty biased, Chicago’s magnificent skyline.

Frosty Chicago Skyline

Well, that’s it for now. More in the coming days and weeks about the fall trail tracings (and more about me – maybe?!).

~Trail Tracing

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