Seven Tubs - Trail Tracing Begins

Previously on the Trail Tracing backstory…a family trip to Moab, amazing experience, need to get outdoors more.

In August of 2017, my wife and I traveled east to “deposit” our youngest and all his stuff at college (he was already there for preseason training; we were the wagon train). Having made the 14+ hours drive once before (straight through – never again!), we wisely made the decision to stop and stay overnight in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

The next morning, before continuing the drive to our destination, my wife made the suggestion to visit a nature area called Seven Tubs. It was a beautiful day, so I was game.

Seven Tubs is a lovely place. As you might expect, there are seven pools of water (“tubs”) that were created from the flow of water down the  Wheelbarrow Run stream.

Now here’s the amusing part of our Seven Tubs experience. There are two choices of direction for walking/hikes in the area. To see the tubs, turn left. To walk along the lower part of the stream, turn right. However, we didn’t know about the right or left choices.

I’m left-handed, so you might think that I would lean towards going left. However, I’m a pretty well-adapted left-hander. I use right-hand scissors, a right-handed mouse; pretty much anything, I do right-handed. The only things I do left-handed are writing and brushing my teeth.

As you might have guessed, we turned right. This was in no way a bad choice (see the pictures that follow), but we ran out of time – remember, we needed to complete the drive to college – so we only saw one of the tubs.

So what?! The lower stream walk was amazing! See for yourself.

Seven Tubs
Seven Tubs X2

See what I mean? It’s a beautiful place! Just looking at the pictures, it’s like I can hear the stream and the waterfalls. I can almost smell the trees. What an amazing place to have a nature bath!

I was hooked and our trail tracing experience began.

Stay tuned for more about all of the places where our trail tracing experiences have taken us. Until next time…find a trail ~ find your path.

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