If You Don't Take a Picture of Your Hike, Did it Really Happen?
Catherine Chevalier Forest

Right after our hike at the Wolf Road Woods, we made the decision to try and go on a hike every weekend. Since the weekend of September 30th and October 1st was kind of hectic, we needed to scramble a bit to find a place not too far away from where we lived.

We settled on the Catherine Chevalier Woods which is located on the northwest side of Chicago. While it’s somewhat on the smaller side (if you call 338 acres small!), it’s a nice woods and, as I discovered after our visit, it’s one of a series of connected woods that include the Des Plaines River Trail. The Des Plaines River Trail, which we’ll also connect with on future hikes, starts in River Grove, Illinois, with the Yellow Trail running for almost 15 miles. It then continues north as the Orange Trail for another five miles where the Cook County portion of the trail ends at Lake-Cook Road in Northbrook, Illinois. The trail continues north in Lake County for another 31 miles! If we were to continue north into Wisconsin, we would find the spot where the Des Plaines River “rises up” out of wetlands near Union, Wisconsin. Yes, I’m already plotting how we can traverse the entire Cook and Lake County miles of the Des Plaines River Trail. No, I don’t have anything against Wisconsin since I’m not trying to find out if there’s a Wisconsin Des Plaines River Trail.

A couple of things to note. One, the woods lie directly under the flight path for planes landing at O’Hare International Airport. While the sound of planes coming in to land isn’t horrible, it’s certainly noticeable. Two, on the historical side, at the corner of the woods at Lawrence and River Road is an Indian cemetery. Included among those buried there is Alexander Robinson (and his family). Robinson was also known as Chief Chee-Chee-Pin-Quay (Chief of the Potawatomi, Chippewa and Ottawa Indian tribes). For anyone interested in more of the history surrounding the burial ground and Alexander Robinson, here’s a link: Robinson Family Burial Ground.

And, as I assume inquiring minds want to know: Why is the woods called the Catherine Chevalier Woods? Catherine Chevalier was married to Alexander Robinson. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any other information related to her.

Lastly, I must apologize, as I have zero pictures of our visit to the Catherine Chevalier Woods. However, since my SEO analyzer said that I needed a picture with this post, here’s a picture of the Des Plaines River from our visit to the Robinson Woods on 2/18/2018.

Des Plaines River

If you don’t take a picture of your hike, did it really happen? I promise, it did!

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